History is on our side.

I know that what happened in California is disappointing. But at times like these we must all remember that the path to equality is rought with ups and downs, victories and disappointments. And most importantly, we must all remember that history is on our…Read More


All of us have the responsibility to help elect the next president of the United States today. And in California, we will need every single vote to defeat Proposition 8. Please do your part today. We cannot afford to sit back and "let things happen." Not…Read More

Make it BIG!

Tell a friend. Put up a sign. Give. And, of course, VOTE!!!!! This is the last weekend before California votes on Prop 8. It's time to do our part . . . It's time to MAKE IT BIG! A great way to start is by giving to Noon8:…Read More

Senator Feinstein Takes a Stand--Won't You?

What Prop 8 really is: discrimination Watch Feinstein's message, and then act! Post it to your facebook, share it with friends, help put it on the air! http://www.actblue.com/page/noon8?refcode=feinsteinj DAYS TO GO before California votes on Prop 8. This…Read More

FW: "Armageddon"

Dear Jason, "Armageddon" "More important than the presidential election" That's what evangelical leader Charles W. Colson and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said about Prop 8, calling it the "decisive last stand" in this morning's New York…Read More

WE WILL NOT WIN Without Your Help

Opponents of gay marriage have raised massive sums of money in California. They are changing hearts and minds as we speak. WE WILL NOT WIN . . . WE CANNOT WIN without your support. If every member of this cause donates just ten dollars to No on 8, that will…Read More


Our worst nightmares are coming true. Today we learned of the massive $25.4 million our opponents have raised so far. They are using this war chest to broadcast lies: 24/7 and up and down the state of California. And the polls show the lies are working. We…Read More
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