To provide permanent sanctuary care for primates in need, and to educate others on the plight of captive primates.

Jungle Friends discourages primates as ‘pets’ and we hope the practice of stealing baby monkeys from their natural mothers will end. Baby monkeys are literally pulled from their protective mothers, sometimes when they are only three days old, to be sold as ‘pets’. It is not hard to imagine the horror both baby and mother monkey must feel during this traumatic and forced separation. Sadly, it can take a lifetime for the grief-stricken mother to come out of a depression brought on by this thievery and there are always scars left on mother and baby from such cruelty.

What We Do

Jungle Friends works toward creating a better life for the unfortunate primates who find themselves hapless victims in a captive situation. We work in unison and cooperatively with other credible animal sanctuaries, primate associations and animal protection organizations.

The demand for housing abandoned/discarded animals plagues all animal rescue organizations. Sanctuaries for primates, however, confront some unique challenges for meeting the demand to re-home abandoned/discarded primates. Primates are wild and exotic animals; as such they are not appropriate (if even legal) as ‘pets’. These magnificent beings cannot be adopted out to individuals; nor can they be rehabilitated and released "back into the wild" because monkeys are not native to North America. [If you’d like to know where wild/exotic animals in the United States come from, please click here.]

Though Jungle Friends specializes in New World primates, we are always available to help any primates in captivity in any way possible, from giving a monkey a permanent home at Jungle Friends to working with their caregivers to find safe, healthy and stimulating environments for the monkeys in their care.

1. Primates should be living amongst the trees.

2. Stop the exotic pet trade!