promote school choice.

The Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1996, was founded upon the ideals and theories of Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman and economist Rose D. Friedman.

The best way to improve the quality of elementary and secondary education is to give all parents the freedom to choose the schools that work best for their children. Milton Friedman first articulated and applied this idea of liberty and free markets to our education system in 1955. As he has pointed out numerous times, this was not merely a reaction to a perceived deficiency in schooling, but rather an interest in a free society.

Milton and Rose Friedman have long been associated with the worldwide revolution in favor of free markets and liberty that has done so much to transform international politics and economics. But the education of America’s children has been uppermost on their minds for many years.

1. The power of the free market.

2. The efficiency of the free market.

3. The justice of the free market.