Chat Tonight!!!! 7pm onwards

Please all join the chat and together join the fight to stop placenta abruption!!

Please come and have your say on the website!!

Please come and tell your stories of baby loss whether it from placental abruption or not. Or if you havent lost your baby tell us why you want to support the cause.ALso keep adding friends and family!xxx

Stillbirth due to placental abruption

Thank you to everybody who joined this group. I know many of you have lost a child due to various complications, and some people have joined to offer their support. but thank you to you all. firstly please keep adding friends and family and hopefully we will…Read More

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has joined this cause. It means alot to me and other mothers out there who have suffered their babies death due to this problem. Your support means that in the future we hope to improve the care of pregnant women, and increase the…Read More
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