Spread knowledge and participate in ways to help those infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa!

This cause is to help aware you all of some of the things going on based around HIV/AIDS in Africa currently, and things you & I can do together to help the cause. 5.6 people die from AIDS every single second. 8,300 people die of AIDS globally every day. This turns out to be around 3 million people dieing of AIDS every year, and the numbers are still increasing. For all those wondering, AIDS is the disease developed from HIV. When a person becomes HIV +, this means they have the beginning virus of AIDS in their blood stream. After a while, HIV while begin to weaken their immune system so that they are more likely to catch very rare or simple diseases such as the common cold. However, now that their immune system is weakened, it is much harder for their bodies to fight these diseases. A persons white blood cells which normally work to fight diseases in the body are now turned so that they attack the body. After a certain amount of weakening of the immune system, a persons HIV eventually turns to AIDS. Although someone may be on medication for this, it is only a certain amount of time before they will die. HIV/AIDS can also be transfered through: sexual intercoarse or contact with an infected persons bodily fluids, passed from a mother to their child, or through unsterilized needles which have been in contact with an HIV + person. To help stop HIV/AIDS not only in Africa, but globally, please join & donate to this cause, and please do tell all your friends and family about HIV/AIDS. Other good foundations to donate to are the Stephen Lewis Foundation and CAP AIDS!

Thanks for joining and helping out guys!!! Please continue to do so! Also, if anyone would like to donate to our foundation feel free :D

1. No person anywhere in the world deserves to watch a friend, neighbour, family member, or anyone for that matter die painfully from HIV/AIDS.

2. Medication for HIV/AIDS should be accessed by anyone universally for no price whatsoever.

3. The developed world needs to help out those dieing of AIDS before it is too late.