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You are our agents of change - We salute u!

This note is dedicated to you all, great men and women, persons who individually and collectively have chosen Wish for Africa as the platform through which you want to demonstrate your compassion and make a difference! You are in your own rights, agents of change and we salute you!

Click here to see how a group of people made a difference to a small community (Mafoluku-Oshodi) in Lagos State:

Click here to see how a dedicated group of healthcare professionals from home and abroad made a difference to over 2,000 people across six communities spread across the River State of Nigeria:


Click here to see how Jo Watts (a British Midwife/Volunteer) became a change agent for Wish for Africa:

As we progress into the 2nd half of the year, many more people are determined to make a difference and they are literally standing up to be counted. One of such people is Ola Olu, a busy business executive who has chosen to stand, Yes, stand for One whole hour, on the 4th plinth of the famous Trafalgar Square in London, all in aid of Wish for Africa, helping to promote charity and help draw attention to the plights of the underprivileged people living in poor communities of Africa, people who suffer and die needlessly from inadequate healthcare.

A number of people have charitably decided to identify with Ola and Wish for Africa by ‘standing by him’ during his hour @ Trafalgar Square, come Aug 12th from 13.00-14.00hrs. You can also join in by simply wearing a red top and turn up!

For those who you who have already made plans to attend, we say thank you and Yes We Can, We Can Stand Together to Make a Difference!

You can also RSVP to attend by clicking here:

And come Saturday 15th of August 2009, hundreds of supporters of Wish for Africa shall embark on a sponsored 5 Mile Walk and help raise vital funds for the charity. The Walk4Wish 2009 event is designed for everyone to take part and make a difference – simply by turning up on the day, in combination of Red and White and walk/jog/run the scenic course that runs along the River Thames in South East London. Children, youths, parents and grandparents have already registered to take part!

If you have not already RSVP to attend – click here, register and join in @

And if you cannot attend due to geographical/logistic reasons, simply invite your friends and send them along….with your wishes, prayers and hopefully some money in support of their efforts!

You NO LONGER have anymore excuses NOT to be part of this CHANGE!

Join Wish For Africa today and let us make a difference together!

Thank you.

Dr Femi Olaleye
Wish for Africa
UK Registered Charity No: 1114077

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