Providing affordable and decent healthcare to poor communities in Africa

The maternal mortality in Nigeria is above 1,250 per 100,000 births.....this is one of the highest rate in Africa....if not in the world!

The average life span in Nigeria is 45 yrs for men and 47 years for women.....

Nigeria has 1/10th of all the world's total population of HIV positives!

All the above morbid statistics and many more can be significantly improved by setting up affordable and easily accessible primary healthcare centres in poor communities where the needs are greatest....

...This is what Wish For Africa is about...

....Please join us and support our efforts!

1. No pregnant woman in Africa should die because there is lack of decent antenatal care!

2. Children in Africa should not be dying from malaria, sickle cell anaemia and other common diseases that are killing them b4 their 5th birthday!

3. It is not acceptable for the average African man to die at age 45 from a preventable illness!