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Wow, guys!

Well hello to everyone, hope you all had a good day..
Even more hopefully baked to the fullest.

I am quite surprised by the amount of people that have joined.
I made this cause, thinking that my friends would join..
I didnt stop to think about the friends of friends that would join..

And now look. 434 members..
What an accomplishment..
So I ask you, fellow pot smokers
Lets continue to grow, and reach even higher numbers
Invite your friends to the cause;
Do what you can in your neighbourhood to promote marijuana.
It is inevitable, eventually, It. Will. Be. Legal.
Alcohol went through the same degrading process:
Legal, Illegal, Sold secretly, Legalised again.

Well anyways, I'll stop rambling and get to the point
Thanks for joining everyone, spread the word!

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