A Solar Affair: Beats and Beers for Solar Power

In Texas, we have enough sun to power the state, and enough beats and beers to power this party. Join us for an unofficial SXSW party at the Environment Texas office with music by Daedelus, beer and food and a short program about Texas' solar…Read More

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it's quite likely you're not yet a fan of Environment Texas. click here to show your support: http://www.facebook.com/environmenttexas thanks! Luke

Become a fan of Environment Texas

You're already a member of the Environment Texas cause, but I'm hoping you can also become a 'fan' of Environment Texas, which has a lot more features. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Environment-Texas/59788694713?ref=ts

Volunteers Needed Tomorrow in Austin!

Friends, As you probably know, tomorrow is our Solar Movie Night at the State Capitol. We will be showing movies about the potential of solar energy, the winners of our solar video, and have a panel of state legislators talking about the progress of solar…Read More

Come to the movies... on us!

Friends, Want to join us for a movie night? We'll provide the popcorn and refreshments, and you can enjoy our latest short film about solar energy and the winning entries from our solar video contest. Environment Texas is hosting a solar movie night at the…Read More

A Solar Power Rap Song?

Dear Facebook Supporters, A rapper from San Antonio, a high school class from Texarkana and a fiddler from Round Mountain are among the Texans who produced short videos for Environment Texas' Solar Power Video Contest. I think you'll really like them. Check…Read More

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If you're not yet, you should be! The Environment Texas Facebook Fan Page is now up, and you can visit it and become a fan at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Environment-Texas/59788694713?ref=ts This is the latest and most innovative way in which we will be…Read More
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