Speaking out and driving change for children.

In the words of its original founders twenty years ago, CHILDREN AT RISK stands “To serve as a voice for children in the greater Houston area.” Because of the commitment of a small group of child advocates, CHILDREN AT RISK has spent two decades documenting the status of Houston’s youth and speaking out for their needs on issues ranging from public education to human trafficking. Since 1989, CHILDREN AT RISK has evolved from an organization researching the multitude of obstacles our children face, to one that also drives macro-level change to better the future of our city and state through community education, collaborative action, evidence-based public policy, and advocating for our youth at the local and state level. Through its Public Policy & Law Center—established in 2006 as the only center of its kind in Texas—CHILDREN AT RISK uses policy and legal expertise as a powerful tool to drive change to create a better future for our children. Wherever policy is made, agendas planned, or funds allocated, CHILDREN AT RISK will continue to work to ensure that children are represented.

1. Put kids' needs first in the Texas Legislature!

2. Stop the trafficking and exploitation of children

3. Reform public education so all students have the opportunity to succeed

4. Combat childhood obesity and hunger through school food programs

5. Provide health care for all children