We are still sponsoring children and adults with TB

Dear friends of the Children's TB sponsorship Cause. We just want to let you know we are still needing sponsorships for children. Last summer we were able to sponsor about 10 children and adults with TB meds for a 6 month duration as well as test close to 130…Read More

Children's TB Sponsors needed

 good day friends, family, and supporters of the Children's TB Sponsorship Program cause, blessings and peace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus. i hope everyone had a reflective and thankful Christmas holiday. i just wanted to send a quick note to…Read More

TB sponsors needed!!!

blessings everyone, i just wanted to encourage everyone that wants to be a part of this program. it's not just a program, it's a relationship with the child and their family. we don't want to turn away any child in need of treatment of TB, but we have to have…Read More

July and August sponsorships available!!!

dear friends of the Children's TB Sponsorship Program...we are currently trying to find sponsors for 13 children from the mountain and resettlement villages of the Basao tribe. some are referred from the local RHU (Rural Health Unit), some from local doctors,…Read More
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