Our Mission: Accelerating ideas into therapies for people with epilepsy and seizures with a vision of new therapies for living free of seizures and side effects in a timeframe that matters.

The Epilepsy Therapy Project is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to a singular focus: overcoming the funding gaps and roadblocks that slow the progress of new therapies from the lab to the patient. Epilepsy Therapy Project seeks to accelerate and encourage commercial investment in new therapies. Acting as both a catalyst and clearing house for innovative research and the early commercialization of new therapies, the Epilepsy Therapy Project brings together financial resources, scientific insights and business expertise from leading academic and commercial industry participants. We also provide the most comprehensive information about epilepsy and seizures available on the Internet as well as a supportive epilepsy and seizure community on our website www.epilepsy.com.

1. New therapies introduced over the last decade offer fewer side effects but have done little to bring effective seizure control to those with epilepsy.

2. Despite this serious unmet medical need, research funding for epilepsy is scarce and existing philanthropic support limited.

3. We provide financial support and and scientific and business direction to promising new therapies.

4. We invest in programs and platforms that can take time and costs out of new therapy development.

5. We bring you epilepsy.com with the most comprehensive information on epilepsy on the Internet.