The mission of this cause is to stop animal abuse

Created with a hope to bring awareness of animal abuse so that together we can bring an end to it soon.

Those who are giving of their time to animal-related legislation are making progress!

Our goal is to make this a safe place for everyone. Please do not post comments that include:

Threats toward abusers
Photos or videos that portray physical abuse

Although it is maddening to see, hear, and learn of all of the cruel things that people do to the pets that we adore, hatefulness, rudeness, and threatening behavior is not welcome here.

Such comments, posts, photos, and/or videos will be addressed and deleted at the discretion of the Admins.

IF you feel that it is important to give information about a specific form of animal abuse or you want to share a story, photo, or video about physical abuse, please post a comment or link giving people the choice to go and view the photos, videos, details.

Please do not post photos of abuse. Not everyone wants to see the physical torture of the precious animals that we adore. Please respect others in all that you do here.

Thank you for your passion, love, and support of these precious animals.

1. Animals should not be beaten, neglected, and abused.

2. Animals have feelings just like you and me.

3. Animals respond to gentle, calm, assertiveness. They feel safe when we are in control.

4. Our desire is to understand how animals communicate in order to communicate with them.