FW Internship Applications/Twitter

Summer Internship Applications are due on May 1. Find them at www.fallingwhistles.com Catch us on Twitter: @FallingWhistles Cheers. -david


Hey Everyone~ We've got a lot of news to update you on, so please read to the bottom. But first, VOTE for our friend Ben Sasso to use his photography in DR Congo votesasso.blogspot.com The deadline is Midnight, so Go Vote Now! We also want you to know…Read More

Hey Dallas and North Texas! Dallas FW Event on Feb 7!

Hello dear friends! We will be having committee meetings to plan the Feb. 7th Falling Whistles event in Dallas. We are looking to make this a memorable, classy, yet crazy, evening of live art and music!! If you are interested in volunteering, or have a way…Read More

Hey Austinites-- Email List & New Blog!

For updates on what's going on in Austin w/ FW, join our email list: [email protected] AAAAAND.. visit our new blog!!!! www.fwaustin.blogspot.com. Thanks for your support!

Falling Whistles

As I’m writing you, the sun is setting just over the lake that is central to Goma. My computer screen is blurry and unclear. I cannot help the weeping that clouds my vision and falls on my keys. Bob Dylan said something along the lines of “People tell me…Read More

the blog that started it all.

The blog that started it all: Laying in Titu Prison, these 5 boy-prisoners first told me of the whistleblowers. Abducted in Congo and too small even to carry a gun, boys were given merely a whistle and sent to the front lines of battle. The sound of their…Read More
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