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Calling all survivors for New York Magazine

If you or someone you know meet any or all of these qualifications, Send an email to Katie Charles – she is the editor
at NY Magazine with the subject "Referral via Matthew Zachary" and let her
know you'd like to submit your story for consideration under the specific
topics they have requested.


--a pregnant woman who had cancer, and the mom and baby are doing fine

--a parent with small kids who was grappling with mortality and what their diagnosis meant for the family

--someone who has outlived their original diagnosis by a huge period of time; you have a year to live, 20 years later

--someone newly diagnosed with a short period of time to live, less than 6 months

--a patient fortunate to be among the tiny number of people who have spontaneous remission; ideally, a case where doctors can’t explain it

--a man with breast cancer

--someone who got sick from living where they live—like a Love Canal or Erin Brokovich type situation

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