websites up For all member here your change to speak out and let people understand how you want us to treatment you as a patients. Our website is easy to find and simple to use. Thanks for taking a minute for you Onelove Founder

Patients in need

Please help write letters to stop the insurance company from kill me

Thanks go out to Raenell

(S.T.o.P) *Safe Treatment of patients* Thanks Raenell for the donation and support. Our Staff and Volunteers would never be able to help patients, if it wasn't for people & patients like Raenell. Please thank Raenell for supporting &…Read More


What would you do to save your child's life? Please sign Peace & Onelve

Monthly News

Happy National Medical Marijuana Awareness Week from (S.T.o.P) Safe Treatment of Patients. Our neighborhood patients right group of American..... Peace & Onelove

Has everyone sign

We need everyone who care about freedom, this is where freedom cost. We'll need to get up and do so thing about it. Call then write your states congressmen or congresswoman. Let them know how you feel about what's happening in our own country. What's…Read More

What would you do to Save your child's life

Are you seeing a doctor? Do you take medication for any reason? Do you feel strongly about yourself & Human rights? Do you know your rights? Do you want to learn more about becoming a political activist? If you answered yes to any of these questions. Then…Read More
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