This Campaign Seeks to Inspire Passion in American Students to Help the Students at Christ the Rock High School in Uganda.

In Africa, education means everything. Without it, poverty and desolation are a given.

Life for an African teenager is so different than our lives. We have choices in what we believe, who we’re going to become, and freedom to live our lives the way we want. They don’t.
As an African teenager many of them have lost their parents or have been abandoned by their families, in which case, countless end up living on the streets fighting to survive. Whether that’s through prostitution, selling drugs, or joining a gang, they do this because they have no choice. School is expensive and jobs are scarce, especially if they have never been to school. Many of these teens experience abuse and cruelty on the streets. There is no one to love them or take care of them. They have been abandoned by everyone that should have loved them.

When a teenager is brought off the streets and taken to Christ the Rock High School, they are cared for and loved. Every leader at the high school is native to Africa. Many of them grew up in our Grandmother's orphanages so, they know exactly how to relate and love on the teenagers who are taken into the school.

Whether students in America will take action or not will determine the life of an African teenager. Will they become leaders or criminals? Peacemakers or warlords? Teachers or drug addicts? Doctors or victims of AIDS? If we don’t love the unloved, then who will? If we don’t help them, who will?
Simply going to high school sets these teenagers apart from failure, poverty, and abuse. It sets them up to be leaders.
If we give them the opportunity to change their lives, they will have the ability to change their world.

1. Spread Awareness About the Condition of Our Generation in Uganda.

2. Step Out of Our American Lives and Into the Lives of African Teenagers.

3. Support the Students in Africa.