UK Somalia Conference 23/02/12

What do we all think about the Somaliland Government accepting the invitation to attend Somalia Conference in UK?

Eid Mubarak

I Wish You ALL A Very Happy & Peaceful Eid. May Allah Accept Your Good Deeds, Forgive Your Transgressions & Ease The Suffering Of All Peoples Around The Globe.....Ameeen *****Eid Mubarak***** Recognise Cause Admin

Happy May18th - Somaliland Independance Day - Mashallah

Alhamdullah Somaliland has reached this far and long may it continue to do so inshallah...Amiiin It has been 18ys since Somaliland declared independence from Somalia after the SNM defeated Barre’s troops in the northern parts of the country in January that…Read More

***NEWS UPDATE*** Madaxweyne ku xigeenka oo beeniyay hadalo uu ku sheegay been abuur

It has been brought to Recognise Somaliland Groups attention that the recent press releases regarding the Vice President of Somaliland was actually false and reporters had done this to stir up trouble during the current elections to sway votes away from…Read More

***BREAKING NEWS*** Somaliland’s vice president, Ahmed Yusuf Yasin, said yesterday that his government is ready to reunite with Somalia

Please click on link below for source: ***Discuss this issue now here, tell everyone what you think*** In a surprise move, Somaliland’s vice president,…Read More

Recent Bombings in Somaliland

Dear Members: Recently came the day we all expressed our support and outrage for the death and destruction of our people in Somaliland by the same terrorists who killed hundreds of thousands before. Because of our nature of being a forgiving and hospitable…Read More

Happy 17th Anniversary - Somaliland Ha Nalaato

Africa's Best Kept Secret Has Managed 2 Stay Strong 4 Another Year Aluhamdullah. What more can Somaliland do when the international community continues to recognize Liberia, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of the Congo and other anarchic, violent places as…Read More


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