Many veterans, both women & men, may have experienced sexual trauma while on active military duty. Law defines sexual trauma as: Sexual harassment, Sexual Assault, Rape & other acts of violence

Veterans helping Active Duty and Veteran organization; advocacy work; veteran support; Military Sexual Trauma; Military Sexual Assault; Stop Millitary Rape; Volunteer Activities; Susan Avila-Smith; Kira Mountjoy-Pepka; Laura Tattoo; Laura Watterson; Female Faces of War;

1. Promote stability of MST victims & their immediate families by securing housing, public assistance, clothing, & employment.

2. Handle crisis calls to include family break-ups, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, termination of employment, & fiscal emergencies

3. Promote a military & veteran society where the contributions of women as well as domestic violence & sexual harassment & abuse are taken seriously.

4. Promote equity to legal entitlement of benefits earned by educating veterans on available services & benefits & guidance through the system.

5. Promote a system whereby sex offenders' records follow them into civilian life, decreasing the possibility they can teach or work in hospitals.