Provide Prayer Resistance Against Planned Parenthood

BU Students Against Planned Parenthood

Whereas FACEBOOK has become a great tool for college students to network together.
Wherreas FACEBOOK invites members to become involved in the practice of their Catholic faith through joining traditional and pro life circles
Whereas some FACEBOOK members have several hundred friends to circulate meaningful information between in Wall to Wall communications.
RESOLVED.. Students and Alumni of Boston University are invited to become members of BU Students Against Planned Parenthood.

The purpose of this group is to provide BU students and alumni to acknowledge the existence of a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston just down the street from Boston University.
By acknowledging the existence of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic within walking distance of BU, members will acknowledge they are committed to circulating an alert to their friends in the Boston University community.
The purpose of this alert is to acknowledge the corruption of morals by any student who does business with Planned Parenthood, either for the purpose of purchasing contraception or the purpose of obtaining an abortion.
RESOLVED, members of BU Students Against Planned Parenthood agree to pray 10 Hail Marys every week in reparation for the corruption of the souls of Boston University students who are lured into Planned Parenthood to do business.

RESOLVED, members of BU Students Against Planned Parenthood will circulate invitations to membership in this organization to every undergrad and alum of Boston University in their FACEBOOK friends list.

RESOLVED, Catholic members of BU Students Against Planned Parenthood will do everything within FACEBOOK networking facilities to promote THEOLOGY OF THE BODY within the Boston University FACEBOOK community.

Contributed by David E. Dowd who worked in Boston and spent many hours praying in for the conversion of souls on the sidewalks in front of Planned Parenthood's abortion clinic on Commonwealth Avenue and has not forgotten to pray for BU students, faculty and alum whose resistance to Planned Parenthood could be a major component in building the culture of life within the college community in Boston.

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