Union Show Time-Slot

Dear Cause Members, I'd love to know how everyone feels about the Wednesday 10pm time-slot on 31. We are planning next season and would love some feedback on times from you - the persons who watch the show. Not that we can promise anything, because such…Read More

The Union Show

Dear Union Show fans, Thank you to Catherine Thomas for donating a staggering $500 to The Union Show. Catherine we are humbled by your generosity. Cheers Debra

Trades Hall

Dear Members, The Union Show is putting together a show on the 150th anniversary of Trades Hall. With a sense of the possible, we will look into the past, take a look around the present and look toward the future of our beloved institution. This is a…Read More

Union Show tonight

Tonight on The Union Show; Earl Setches from the Plumbers Union takes us through the brand new Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre – new state of the art training facility that is at the very cutting edge of environmental practice. ABCC rally from a…Read More

Rights On Site MAP

Dear Members, This is a campaign to make sure that Australia's construction workers have the same rights in their workplace as you and me. Did you know that construction workers can be fined $22,000 if they stop work, even over serious safety concerns or if…Read More

Congratulations to Members far and wide

And Thank You to all of you who have recruited so many people to the cause. The Union Show is always a financially precarious proposition. With a fraction of the staff and resources of any other news or current affairs show our team is committed to excellence…Read More

The Union Show Facebook Page

Dear Members, The Union Show facebook group now has a Union Show facebook PAGE! Yes now we have our own page and yes we are looking for the broadest possible interface with our union show audience. All of you friends and members of the group, the cause and…Read More
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