Building a Virtual Endowment for Wildlife

In the developing world, where government funding for conservation is limited, conservation managers find it difficult to deal with crises requiring an urgent injection of large amounts of funds. Often there is no source of emergency funds that they can draw from at short notice.

On the other side of the world is a large constituency of people who want to actively participate in conservation and help the managers respond to these crises from whichever part of the world they reside. More often than not, these potential supporters do not know where to go in order to lend a helping hand.

WildlifeDirect was created to bridge the gap between those who can spare a few dollars and those who need them most. The worldwide community of people who care for and want to actively participate in conservation would become, in founding Chairman Dr Richard Leakey’s words, “a virtual endowment” that can be called upon during a time of crisis. Typically, if there is a crisis, an appeal is launched by WildlifeDirect on behalf of the affected project and the virtual endowment can respond immediately such that within days of the appeal, we have gathered the resources to tackle the crisis.

WildlifeDirect not only establishes and maintains a growing virtual endowment but also provides an online portal through which field conservation officers, through their blogs, can interact with the large online constituency. The online community virtually participates in the work of the conservationist by leaving comments in the blogs and supporting their projects through donations. The portal also created a network through which ideas can be shared and learning transferred to all.

From rangers’ boots to their food rations; from food for orphaned chimpanzees to purchasing patrol vehicles; you can give funds for anything that directly contributes towards conservation – and we vet all items to ensure that they conform. The beauty of it all, is that the total donation, less only of bank fees, will go directly to the project that you donated to – eliminating prohibitive administration costs normally levied by NGOs.

It is painless and that makes WildlifeDirect unique.

For more information go to: http://wildlifedirect.org

1. We can save wildlife in crisis if we donate a dollar each when we are called upon to do so.

2. We can support field conservationists - working in the conservation frontline - as they toil to preserve our wildlife.

3. We can get actively involved in their work - wherever we are - by reading, comenting and donating in their blogs

4. We can get others involved by creating awareness about their work.

5. We can do all these here: http://wildlifedirect.org