Hey :)

Hello everyone, im starting to wonder if we might be able to start to raise some money, i have a few ideas, and im also going back in February and was wondering what you all thought. Also, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me out with…Read More

hello :)

hey everyone! i just wanted to say thanks for all the work in letting people know on here whats going on, also, if you could all pray for me, bombay is in a state of uproar right now...and i will be going there in feb....God willing it will have died down by…Read More

Im sorry...

As I sit here in college updating this cause, im fighting back the tears as I look at a picture of a young girl of maybe 7 with burns all over her face...from hatered against a christian...but more specifically a young innocent helpless little girl... please…Read More

thank you so much

i just wanted to thank you all for joining...please continue to tell other oyu know about this travesty...God bless you all...take care.

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