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hi guys how is everyone on this very fine first day of spring jae-jae is going well


hi all jae-jae and family want to wish you all a very merry christmas and a very healthy new year to all our angel mums dads brother sisters and familys sending u all great big hugs and will most defently be thinking of u alll on christmas day p.s lets invite…Read More

pangaea 6 month angelversairy

hi all tomorrow marks the 6 month of princess pangaea hoping everyone keeps ronnie sarah and lil john in their thoughts and prays tomorrow also as we soon approach christmas please remember all the angels bless you all much love michael kim aimie and jae-jae


hi all i am so happy to say beautful angel pangaea has one the gorgeous babies contest here on facebook well done guys you all deserve to win she is one brave and couragious babie girl WELLDONE

hi all happy birthday

happy birthday to all the people who's birthday it is in the coming weeks i would also like to thank everyone for joining and also if we could all send out more invites jae-jae is doing ok he is getting ready for his next op which should be in january he will…Read More


i would like to send ronnie,sarah,and lil john a big warm hug on this sad day they layed miss pangaea to rest unfortunatly pangaea grew her angel wings on the 11 of june 2009 FLY HIGH baby girl you will always be mummy's and daddy's princess pancake guys…Read More

merry christmas

hi all jae-jae and his half heart mates would love to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year i as his mother would also like to say thankyou all for joining this cause once i work out how to raise money for the much needed support group hearts…Read More


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