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Saving Dogs --Ten at a Time...

I've just come back from a trip to the animal controls where we pull our dogs, pups, cats and kittens from. It was tough to see all of those hopeful animals, yearning to be the lucky ones who would get to live a better life as a cherished pet --so many dogs, left like trash at the animal control. Making the decisions as to who would come with us was really heartwrenching. Even the most darling, desirable sorts of dogs can face the needle if they don't get this chance. As for the ones who show badly at the animal control, the fearful, the overwhelmed, the displaced and confused, there is so little chance for them at all. People cannot always see the amazing soul within. What is apparent is the dirt, the fleas, the anxiety they feel. They are surrounded by noise and stress and horror all day, trying so hard to just stay sane in the chaos; they have almost no reserve left for showing off their good qualities and they just won't attract anyone's attention. We have to leave so many behind.

There are animal controls where the staff walk around with you. They have interacted enough with the dogs so they can tell us about them and really do care about what is going to happen if time runs out. At the other sort of animal control, there is little known about any of them. No one shows them to us. No one knows them. They are little more than the numbers printed on the cards hanging outside their kennels. More will take their places and no one will remember them.

I got to pick ten dogs to come with us this time. Picking each one was potentially dooming another. It took me ages to wrestle with my conscience, wiegh the options, try desperately to be sensible about my choices. It was all I could do to shut myself down on the way out the doors and think soley of the dogs we took, not all of the others.

I don't regret choosing any of the ones who are now waiting to come to me in NY. I constantly regret and think of the ones we couldn't take.

Spay/neuter, promote adoption! Help out your local adoption groups! We can all make a difference, even if we always wish it could be more.

PPR, Inc.

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