Extremely promising research to cure type I diabetes!

Denise Faustman has successfully cured type I diabetes in mice. Her work has been duplicated over a dozen times in different labs with the same positive results. Her research has now moved to clinical trials in humans!

Dr. Faustman is not getting funding from pharmaceutical companies, as she is not developing a new drug. She rather is using a safe, existing one that has an established safety record. Since this isn't new, pharmaceutical companies (who usually are the big funders in this area) are not assisting. But others are and that's where we all can help!

Please see the press release and link to her website below for more on what she is doing/has done in greater detail. This is truly exciting!

1. Type I diabetes is autoimmune.

2. Dr. Faustman has found the specific bad T cells that attack insulin producing cells. Her work has thus centered in destroying these T cells.

3. Dr. Faustman has been successful! She has discovered that after eliminating the bad T cells, insulin producing cells are able to regenerate.

4. www.faustmanlab.org

5. http://www.mgh.harvard.edu/diabetes/laboratory_type1.htm