Support New York Abortion Access Fund with May 2 Performance Event

Join us on May 2, 2010 at 5 pm at CHOW Bar, 230 W. 4th Street, at W. 10th, in Greenwich Village for a performance to support the very important New York Abortion Access Fund. See for more info on how to order tickets in…Read More

2010 Colorado Personhood Initiative Will Define Life Even Earlier Than 2008 Initiative New anti-abortion plan would freeze much genetic and fertilization research in the state. A version of the anti-abortion initiative soundly defeated by Colorado voters in…Read More

Last Week to Liste to Free Radio Archive

Our live radio performance of Words of Choice is available for a few more days -- to September 25. A great show, highly rec. To listen: 1- Go to 2- Click "SEE ALL SHOWS" 3- Look for "Joy of Resistance," June 29, 2009, 9 pm to 11…Read More

Words of Choice GO-VOTE Performances in CO, Oct 15 -22

Words of Choice GO-VOTE Performances in CO, Oct 15 -22 Forward to Your Friends! Join Us! Energizing Live Performance Amplifies 'No on 48' Conversations"A huge inspiration" ... "Touches everyone's heart" ... "Rave reviews".... "Spectacular performance"…Read More

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