We are still in the process of 501c3 paperwork and until we have it completed, donations can be made through the website Pass the word! - Thanks

501c3 status

Hopefully our c3 status willbe going through soon, so let all your frineds and family know about , We will be having a variety of things for sell and doing more raffles in 2009. Looking forward to all have a safe and…Read More

Brick Memorials

Hey everyone, I want to remind you that we'll soon be doing a Brick memorial kickoff with the bricks purchased already. So, if you want to get one in honor of someone special , check out ....and Have a Merry Christmas…Read More


The website is up and running...please let everyone know that we are taking commemorative brick purchases. They will be laid out front of Station 1 in the Hydrant Garden and will be the foundation for the memorial statue. We are going to have a kickoff ground…Read More


Thanks for joining -judi
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