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Elect your Hospital ! Important Message, please read!!!! Your Organization/Hospital might be the one !

Every year we select one hospital or organization, which will be receiving the funds of that entire year. So since, in less that 5 months we will need to have a new hospital to destinate the donations to, i thought it would have been better to make you choose your favorite Hospital or Organization, which helps kids.

So please take your time to decide your vote. Last year we hade over 6000 people vote, and the hospital or facility who got the most votes was the Shriner's Hospitals for Kids Non profit Organization. Are you ready for a new competition? Vote your favorite hospital today !

To vote, please go to the Organization official website : and click on the page named "Vote 2009" . There will be a selection of the main hospitals, but there also is at the vary bottom a personal option, where you can put in your own decision ! Vote today ! We need your opinion, do it it's free, and it can help kids !

Thank you so much

Vito Zerilli
[email protected]

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