Sponsorship Challenge

We are 1 full school year + 4 months into our committment to Remanso de Amor in Quito, Ecuador. We sponsored 21 kids our first year to go to school! This year there are 95 kids that need to be sponsored! I pose this challenge: that one day every kid will…Read More

Remanso de Amor

*Remanso de Amor group people- I just sent you another message so you can ignore this one.* Everyone else, guess what? We're making great headway with the sponsorship program! We're soon going to begin matching sponsors up with kids. I've been in contact…Read More

Here we go!!

OK here's the deal... 1. I have made an official Ramanso de Amor brochure to give to potential sponsors. 2. If you didn't know... we have an account set up in Ecuador that the money can be sent to. 3. I had a lunch meeting with a girl who has started a…Read More
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