That will be the impact on breast cancer patients if the US House of Representatives’ new budget proposal becomes law. The proposal includes drastic cuts to lifesaving breast cancer prevention and detection programs. It’ll take two minutes to send a message…Read More

Fight for Cancer Research Funding!

After battling breast or cervical cancer or supporting a woman you love in their fight, you know how important having treatments available is to saving a life. Cancer research funding ensures that strides continue to be made with new drugs, new treatments,…Read More

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It’s no secret that in order to secure breast and cervical screenings for every woman in America, we need support and funding from Congress. With the cash in their purse and the power in our voices, we can fight for early detection through screenings for…Read More

Help Us Celebrate More Mammograms For Women!

Last week we shared Vonnie’s inspiring story about how the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program saved her life. Today is the 20th anniversary of this lifesaving program that provides free screenings to low income and uninsured women. It has…Read More

Help Us Fight For More Mammograms

Today, ACS CAN volunteer and breast cancer survivor, Vonnie U. from Maryland is helping us celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) by thanking members of Congress for their support of this…Read More

Sign Our Petition For Health Care Reform

Last week, Republicans and Democrats met with President Obama for a full-day summit to discuss the future of health care in our country. While Congress ponders and debates, more cancer survivors are being denied health insurance. And more cancer patients…Read More

We are fighting for Mammograms – How will you fight for them?

There has been much talk around the country regarding the right time for women to get mammograms. As Congress looks into ways to ensure that mammograms are accessible to women, ACS CAN is acting as a leading voice to protect mammogram coverage. Mammograms…Read More
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