6-Month Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Transforming our nation's 'sick care' system into one that focuses on keeping people well is a priority, and one that is taking a huge step forward today. Six months after the the signing of the Affordable Care Act, new provisions of the law are set to take…Read More

Health Care Reform

Important Health care legislation is being enacted this month with triumphs for young Americans and families. For our nation’s youth, new implementation prohibits denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions and allows young people to remain on…Read More

More Than 50,000

Days before our deadline, we shattered our goal and collected 54,000 petition signatures asking Congress to take action on meaningful health care reform. Those signatures are being delivered to lawmakers from both political parties. But even if you didn’t…Read More

Add Your Voice To The ACS CAN Health Care Reform Petition

Last week, Republicans and Democrats met with President Obama for a full-day summit to discuss the future of health care in our country. While Congress ponders and debates, more cancer survivors are being denied health insurance. And more cancer patients…Read More

Join us for a live chat during the Presidential State Of The Union

Join us for the ACS CAN Annual State Of the Union Watch Party on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 9 pm ET This year, the ACS CAN State of the Union Watch Party has gone high tech, and we want you to participate from the comfort of your own computer screen! We…Read More

The Senate Is Debating Health Care Reform – Will Your Voice Be Heard?

Right now the U.S. Senate is debating legislation that will drastically impact the lives of cancer patients around the country. We need for the Senate to act now, not later on health care reform. The voice of cancer patients has been crucial to this debate…Read More

We still need your help in our fight for health care reform!

Will you stand up for cancer patients right now? Go to http://action.acscan.org/facebooktellcongress and let your voice be heard!
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