Prevent the United States Federal Government from downlisting manatees!

The following is taken from www.savethemanatee.org:

"Manatees are facing their biggest threat ever. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), after conducting a 5-year review of the manatee’s federal imperiled status, recently recommended the manatee for downlisting from “endangered” to “threatened.”

"The 417 manatee deaths recorded in 2006 was an all-time high fatality total, following a near-record fatality year in 2005. Conservationists are concerned that the federal reclassification will aggravate the principal threats to manatee survival at a very unstable period, including:

Boating Deaths. The legal basis for boat speed restrictions, already unevenly enforced, will be weakened by the new Bush plan. Speedboat collisions and propeller maiming are already the major cause for manatee deaths;
Water Pollution, Algal Blooms and Red Tides. A new ongoing outbreak of red tide may have already claimed the lives of scores of manatees in Southwest Florida where researchers agree the sub-population is declining. This new threat source will be aggravated by human population growth; and
Habitat Loss through Development. The destruction of the manatee’s aquatic habitat to make way for new coastal development is even now proceeding at break-neck speed. "

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1. Manatees MUST be protected in order to prevent the species from becoming extinct.

2. The USFWS and the Bush Administration are taking this position solely for political reasons.

3. Manatees are dying off fast, and will only die off faster if this happens.