Randy Newman's 'White President' sarcastic song takes 'White Christmas' tune

Randy Newman, a songwriter, says that he believes there are a lot of people in America who are deeply troubled by having a black man as president. So he wrote a song about it. It is a parody, or a piece of propaganda, I don't really know which it is supposed…Read More

A Bing song for every event in life?

Bing recorded so many songs, literally thousands, that you might be able to find one suitable for any situation or reference. Seeing the recent economic times, of which I happen to be currently a wounded warrior (unemployed since late summer 2008, and all…Read More


Thanks much, all of you who have decided to join this little group with an unabashed but not too sentimental sentimentality to it. (Uhh, yeah.) I recently actually sat through a large portion of an infomercial for DVDs of Dean Martin's variety show, which…Read More


I seriously do not want to collect money, but having a beneficiary seems like the thing to do. I have kicked around a variety of ideas, but nothing really seems to work. Any ideas, fire away. He attended Gonzaga U in Wash. state, there's all sorts of theater…Read More

Christmas is coming soon. What are your "White Christmas" memories?

Please share your thoughts, pass along some video links and other stuff. If you want to dream of a White Christmas or reflect on the religious and personal meanings of Christmas, go for it. Feel free to start a discussion, add a link or some nifty facts or…Read More
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