"Walk a Mile"

In partnership with the Mary Byron Scholars of Assumption High School, MensWork, today, co-organized a walk a mile in her shoes. the focus was students and faculty from Trinity and St X High Schools (2 local, all male Catholic High Schools). This year's event…Read More

Congress Passes FVPSA

Congratulations to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the National Network to End Domestic Violence and our other national advocates and activists. Last week, Congress Passed the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act. FVPSA is the main…Read More

Dec 6

good afternoon; today is the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre -- a day in which a lone gunman went into the University of Montreal Polytechnique, ordered the men to step aside, and began to shoot. He killed 14 women that day before killing himself. The…Read More


Good morning; I am writing to invite those of you who are in the Louisville Area to participate in an exciting effort that MW is a part of. we are working with Women4Women to particpate in this years Champions for Her Festival, by organizing Men4Women. As…Read More

State of Affairs

good morning; I wanted to announce that I am going to be on State of Affairs tomorrow (a Louisvile based and focused radio show on our local NPR station -- WFPL) I will be on along with Shawn Gardner of 2Not1 and Shirley Jones of Planned…Read More

Global Conference

Good morning; I am very humbled and honored to announce to you all taht I have had a worskhop proposal accepted to present at the 2009 Global Symposium on Engagign Men in Gender Equality which will be held Marc 30 - april 3 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. This is…Read More

Supporting MensWork

Good afternoon; I want to thank all of you for joining the MensWork cause and supporting our efforts. We've had a very succesful 2 years. in FY 2008, we educated nearly 3000 people about the issues of sexual and domestic violence, focusing on what men can do…Read More
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