RALPH'S Registration

It is that time of year again when Ralph's wipes out our database and make everyone re-register themselves online. There is no pre-registration! This means that you cannot register for the new term until September 1, 2009 or after. All members who are…Read More

Karley the Kutie-Pie

Little Karley is 7 weeks old and already she has suffered a broken leg. Her owners took her to an animal hospital, saying she was hit by a car, but they could not afford to pay for her repairs. Fate stepped in, as our volunteer just happened to be working at…Read More


Oscar was found in a field. He had punctures and gashes all over his head and neck. Our vet suspects that he was attacked by coyotes or possibly other dogs. He was in bad shape when he arrived, but he has been stabilized at our vet. He currently has a…Read More


Our beautiful special needs girl, Alma, found her forever home today! It was a match made in Heaven, with a retired couple who wanted to help a dog that other people were overlooking. Alma has an eye condition that requires special eye drops daily---no big…Read More


20 more dogs and cats wanted! Our friends at Poochsitters are sponsoring a very special fundraiser on Sunday, August 9 from 9 am until 4 pm. Anesthesia Free Teeth cleaning for dogs and cats of all ages---this is a great procedure that eliminates the cost and…Read More

Bentley is Safe!

Thanks to two wonderful volunteers who made the lonnnng drive to Bakersfield and back, Bentley is safely in our rescue life boat! He was among the many dogs that were afraid for their lives at the Kern County shelter. Bentley came in with an empty wallet, so…Read More

Your Support Saves Lives!

If you find yourself wondering what you can do to make a difference in the life of orphaned dogs, there are many ways for you to demonstrate your compassion. If you have time to devote to handling dogs on weekends, walking dogs, or doing vet transports during…Read More
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