To Free Tibet from Chinese occupation.

For the past half a century China has colonised Tibet. While we have seen more and more countries becoming free, repression continues in Tibet. Today, Tibetans are becoming a minority in their own land.

Supporting the cause of Tibet does not make one anti China. Chinese people too are denied freedom by the Beijing regime and they too suffer.

Against the overwhelming violence perpetrated by China, what the Tibetans have presented to the world is the extraordinary idea of a whole nation, not just individuals, resisting violence and terror through love and compassion. It is not a new concept in itself, but it is the one that has faced the toughest test of all.

Against all odds Tibetans in Tibet continue to believe in their commitment to non-violence and the support of the outside world.

The basis of Tibetan struggle has the potential to become a new parameter in this strife-torn world, when war is still seen by the few and powerful as a tool of conflict resolution. A peaceful solution to the Tibet issue would set a guideline for the future, a roadmap - peace by peace.

1. Tibet will be free!