AMURT/EL Volunteer Response in Haiti

Friends of AMURT and AMURTEL: AMURT/EL is mobilizing a volunteer response to the recent earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti. We have identified our current volunteer needs and are actively seeking volunteers to assist in the following roles: - Project…Read More

AMURT online

Friends of AMURT - Haiti, We are so grateful for your support of AMURT - Haiti and want to keep you in touch with our disaster relief efforts. With that in mind, we've started a new blog and a YouTube channel. And, as always our website is a great resource.…Read More

Inspiration for a United Response

Hello friends, Thank you for your interest and support in the work of AMURT - Haiti, and for joining our cause. I volunteered in Sous Chod with AMURT - Haiti from February - June of this year. I have seen, first-hand, the effective, innovative, sustainable…Read More

Haiti Update: September 7, 2008

HAITI HUMANITARIAN DISASTER The aftermath of Cyclones Hanna and Ike caused massive flashfloods in the Artibonite valley, submerging the city of Gonaives under 9 feet of water and leaving a path of destruction behind. The full scale of the disaster is hard to…Read More

AMURT/EL - Haiti Disaster Relief

I just received this update from our friends at AMURT/EL - Haiti and wanted to share it with all of you: Namaskar! We, the coordinating team of AMURT/EL-Haiti, are writing to you with utmost concern and urgency to describe to you the horrible impact Cyclone…Read More
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