How to Keep Your Family From Making You Sick This Thanksgiving

Our Shot of Prevention leading contributor has a new post featured on the front page of the Family section at BlogHer. Check it out for an quick and entertaining reminder of how your family can (literally) make you sick, and what steps you can take to help…Read More

Vaccine Exemptions Spark Debate

While vaccine exemptions sparked debate in a recent Shot of Prevention blog post, studies indicate that 76% of people are worried about the consequences of not vaccinating children. Read our latest blog post, "Vaccine Exemptions Spark Debate" and share your…Read More

Is the rise of vaccine refusal putting your child at risk in the classroom?

Is your child's classmate unvaccinated? If so, what are the risks of this growing trend? Find out the startling facts in Shot of Prevention's newest blog post. Hear about the latest reports from the Watchdog institute regarding vaccine refusal and the rise…Read More

New Computer/Phone App Helps Keep Track of Kid's Vaccinations.

Great news for busy parents!. You can download a new application that automatically generates a customized schedule for your child's vaccinations. Get the details on our latest Shot of Prevention blog post at Be sure to share the…Read More

Take Action During National Immunization Awareness Month

From Infants to Elderly: Immunizations Span a Lifetime. Find out what the latest Shot of Prevention blog suggests YOU can do to help us spread the word about lifetime immunizations.

Important Advancement in AIDS Prevention

Check out Shot of Prevention's newest blog post to find out about the latest promising news in AIDS research.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Reality of Immunization Rates

Recent immunization success in Baltimore contrasts the current challenges in California's pertussis epidemic. Read Shot of Prevention's lates blog post and share your thoughts.
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