Not For Sale High School Movement aims to bring high school students together in order to raise awareness and funds for the fight against modern day slavery-human trafficking. Check out extended info


1) Human trafficking is defined as the recruitment and transportation of persons within or across boundaries by force, fraud, or deception for the purpose of exploiting
them economically.
2) Today there are 27 million people enslaved, more than at the peak of the African Slave Trade.
3) Slavery has been outlawed in every country but still occurs everywhere.
4) Human trafficking is now considered the third largest and fastest growing illegal trafficking activity in the world, making it a 32 billion dollar a year business.
5) The average price of a slave is 90 dollars.
6) Eighty percent are women and fifty percent are children.
7) Every minute two more children are forced into slavery.
8) One million children are forced to work in the sex industry every day.
9) It is estimated that more than 200,000 people are enslaved in the US today.
10) Every year the slave population in the US grows upwards of 17,000.


-National Human Trafficking Hotline
*call if you suspect an existing case of human trafficking.

•Not For Sale Documentary. Directed by Robert Marcarelli. 2006 ©
•Trade. Directed by Macro Kreuzpainter. 2007 © Centropolis Entertainment
•Born Into Brothels: Calcutta’s Red Light Kids. Directed by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman. 2004 ©
•Cargo: Innocence Lost. Directed by Michael Cory Davis. 2005 ©

January 11th: Natural Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

1. No one should be for sale.

2. Start a club at your High School!

3. Wear orange - the color of freedom

4. Donate to Not For Sale