Help Save the Lives of the Last 400 North Atlantic Right Whales

Dear Wildlife Lovers, Chris, Jess and the online team at Defenders of Wildlife are here to ask a favor of you today… We need you to help protect North Atlantic Right Whales today by make a tax-deductable donation today: More

Prevent Bison Hazing, Capture and Slaughter

Dear Wildlife Fans, Jess and Chris from the online team at Defenders of Wildlife are here to ask you favor today… We need your action support to help protect one of North America’s most iconic animals; the wild bison. Please donate whatever you can afford…Read More

Possible wolf sighting in Estes Park, CO

My present information is limited as i only just found out. But apparently on Dec, 4th a couple of Park Rangers saw a large dark canid, it was determined to be male when they saw it urinate. The sighting is being called "credible" as well. I'll post a follow…Read More

National Wolf Awareness Week

Hey everybody, Defenders of Wildlife has declared the week of Oct 14th (the third week of October) National Wolf Awareness Week. So go spread the word and celebrate as you see fit. P.S. Dont forget to send a letter in support of PAW, more info can be found…Read More

Why pros and cons?

I was searching the wolf related causes on here recently, and i discovered that all of them, while well intentioned, didnt give any real reason to save wolves. They all pretty much said "Save Wolves!", othes said "Dont Kill Wolves!" without giving any reason…Read More
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