Desperate Appeal ~ 300+ Dogs in need ~ Turkey

Hi Everyone, I have been contacted by a friend and animal rescuer for help to save 300+ dogs in Turkey . These dogs need to be moved and quickly , a place is waiting for them , the problem is there are no funds available . Many of the dogs are already ill…Read More

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Petition pleas sign

I really would like to get your help on a petition that needs 1000 signatures to help a lady adopt Jonah, the dog from Turkey. Please get familiar with the story if you haven't heard about it as yet & please, i beg you, sign the…Read More

URGENT APPEAL FOR BARBUL ( Didim Turkey ) Barbul - Brown horse on right. Barbul was rescued from a life of neglect by The Didim Friends of Animals Charity, Sadly a permanant caring home still has not been found for him, Can you help Barbul or do you know someone…Read More

PETA - Petition for Turkish Homeless Animals Please sign in the link above 1 - surname 2 - First Name 3 - email 4 - Abschicken ( to send ) Thank you Dear members of the commission, Year after year, thousands…Read More


Hi everyone, Please add your veiws and news on your Rally in the discussion blog, Avril xx


New Venue : 14:00pm outside the Turkish Embassy London , 43 Belgrade Square , London SW1X 8PA This is just one reason of many thousands of what this worldwide event is about. The fabulous UK Singer / songwriter Maria…Read More
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