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Future-oriented thinkers are everywhere on our planet, and they need to be networked. Facebook (general) and LinkedIn (professional) are currently the best platforms to do so. Do you think, write, speak, consult or make decisions about the long-term (5+ year) future, in any area? Join GFN and meet fellow futurists in your city and around the globe, socially, educationally, and professionally. Help us create more futurists by improving online and university-based futures studies programs. Working together we can discover, create, and manage our diverse futures better than ever before.

Visit futuresnetwork.org (coming 10/2007) for a list of global online futures courses, accredited futures studies degree programs, notable futures organizations, and professional and lay futurists in all specialties that we are helping to get networked into the leading online communities.

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1. Future-oriented thinkers are everywhere on our planet, and they need to be networked.

2. The methods and practices of futures studies are greatly improved by knowledge-sharing, education, and critique.

3. Like history and current affairs, futures studies (better and worse examples of personal, organizational, national and global foresight practice) should be a general education option available to all undergraduates.

4. Professional credentials (MS and PhD) in futures studies / strategic foresight should be available at leading universities in all countries. See http://www.accelerating.org/gradprograms.html for our list of the ten current MS & PhD futures studies progs.