dark cloud with an 'unfitered' lining

Well friends, we fell just a few votes shy of being named the best unfiltered band in the northeast. (And we mean "just a few." It was painfully close!) With your help, we racked up nearly 5,000 votes. (Wow!) Harpoon thought that was pretty impressive, too.…Read More

We're in the Final 10!

One week to go! Help us upgrade our practice sessions from High Life to Harpoon! Vote daily at http://www.thelightsout.com -- and bring a friend into the fold! If you're in the area, we're playing four shows in four days, starting tonight at the Middle East…Read More

Keep the taps open!

Thanks everyone for voting every day and recruiting your friends to the cause! (Wow!) If you're on Twitter, you can follow our fun reminders: http://www.twitter.com/fontbandit and here's a shorter URL for the voting that's easier to email to your friends:…Read More

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