My eldest son had his jaw broken today in the early hours. Why? Because he reacted to youths who made racist remarks about him: in a nutshell - Nick is compassionate, has no prejudice against any culture, creed, or choice - yet, the ignorance that exists…Read More

HELP STOP THE VIOLENCE IN SUDAN - Please Sign the Petition

We are 701 for NonViolence and Peace - iMagiNe if we were 7,701 ..

This is awesome. We need more members, so please spread the word! the Planet nEeds yoU and your frIEnds. WhY? By passing on our cOnSCiousness and awARenEss and dEsIrE to see change in the world, we can influence the way other beings think. The…Read More

Thought / Poem for the - REST OF OUR LIVES - ?

the magic of the world elements so precious untameable and essential nature’s beauty divine and deep, breathe it, drink it, touch it. the mystery of the world mankind ponders, questions, how to fathom the unknown how to conquer the lands, waters, beasts it…Read More

The Root of the Evil

Food for Thought to all Non-Violent and Peace Advocates: Ain't this the TRUTH : Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test…Read More

REPORT: IAUP / UN December 3rd, 2008

R E P O R T IAUP / UN COMMISSION ON DISARMAMENT EDUCATION, CONFLICT RESOLUTION & PEACE December 3rd 2008 Meeting The United Nations 12.20pm: Presentation on behalf of IIPSGP E Ruth Kempe, International Secretary. Dr Thomas Daffern's notes concerning the…Read More

International Association of University Presidents Bi-Annual United Nations Meeting

Please visit to learn more about this important Commission held every 6 months at The United Nations NYC. Ruth Kempe has attended the Meetings now for 2 consecutive years to report on the activities of the…Read More
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