Project Green Jungle conducts capacity building programs for at-risk communities by balancing the economic and ecological needs of a region with responsible commercial endeavors.

Project Green Jungle is a group of individuals, businesses, educational institutions, donors, volunteers and more who share a similar passion in life; environmental conservation. It's members and affiliates have a great appreciation for the nature and beauty that surrounds them daily, and a genuine concern to protect that beauty.
The captive wildlife trade is one wrought with black market dealings, high mortality rates, and low income for the communities involved. Project Green Jungle will put the knowledge, power, and guidance into the hands of communities on a local level, to create a symbiotic relationship between the human and the plant and animal inhabitants of a region.

Too many conservation programs rely on past methods and old mind-sets, which results in them falling short when results are needed. Other larger foundations have operating expenses so high that a measely 5% of donated funds end up going to the cause. This is not true with Green Jungle, where operating costs are extremely low (thanks to dedicated volunteers) and nearly all fundraising goes directly to projects and programs.

GreenJungle.org is a venue to bring a new wave of thought to the global table, implementing new solutions to new and ever-changing problems. As interest grows, the capacity for change grows. Please join Green Jungle today, and contribute what you can to help plan, create and implement self-sustainable projects, all while doing so with as small a footprint possible, in some cases none at all!

Together we can make a positive change iin our future!

1. Alternative and sustainable income sources for the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica

2. development of Annual Earth Day activities

3. Create a positive capacity building structure for indigenous with wildlife breeding

4. DNA banking of the region's Amphibians

5. Establishment of world-wide educational Program