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My father went to heaven this month.

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 January 22, 2013


I had a goal of doing a lot more writing for the blog this
year but it has been some days since I have written.

My father, Robert C. Pelke joined his personal Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on January10th .

He is now a part of that great host of witnesses in Heaven above.
I offered an eulogy at his funeral. I have copied it here.

I am on an airplane headed from Alaska to South Carolina. My
father is dying. He had a major stroke about 12 hours ago and is in a coma and they say he will not come out of it. He is 93 years old. I hope I get to South Carolina and see him before he dies. But it is more than likely he will be in Heaven with his creator by the time I arrive. I want to see mom and I want to see my sister. Dottie has been the perfect sister in my eyes, helping take care of mom and dad these many years. I am so grateful for everything that Dottie and her family have done for them.

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Thanks for reading it.  Peace,  Bill Pelke

President, Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing

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