Pepsi Plant Receives Police Protection to Bring in Water

May 13, 2015: In an extraordinary development, PepsiCo’s bottling plant in India has sought – and will receive – police protection for water being brought to the disputed plant located in a water-stressed area.

Coke Drains India Dry

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Squeeze on Water Hits Global Food and Drink Groups -

Financial Times (May 8, 2015) Coca-Cola was last month forced to abandon plans to build an $81m bottling plant in southern India after farmers protested the US drinks group would strain…Read More

Gov't Restricts Water to Coca-Cola to Ease Water Shortages

Villagers in Wada had decided to stop water supply from Vaitarna dam to the bottling plant on April 27, alleging water meant for agriculture and drinking purposes is being supplied to the plant.

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Gov't Cancels Coca-Cola Project in India

New Delhi, India: Bowing to public outrage, the state government of Tamil Nadu in south India has cancelled plans for a new Coca-Cola bottling plant in Perundurai in Erode district. Read more at JOIN US …Read More

Coca-Cola forced out of $25 million factory in India

The Coca-Cola company has been forced to abandon a $25 million newly built bottling plant in Mehdiganj, Varanasi, India as the result of a sustained campaign against the company's plans. …Read More
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