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...when September ends.

Ok guys, let’s do this once and for all. Only $1,365 to go and we meet our commitment. This shouldn’t be too hard for us, there are 1,273 active members who support this cause. Come on! LET'S DO IT! Any little bit counts. Reach in your heart and pull out a few bucks. We’re saving lives here. Help us provide the necessary treatments and support for those who really need it and who don’t have the means to afford it. Help us fund the research to figure out once and for all how to beat this thing and prevent more people to die from cancer. Cancer can knock on anybody’s door, anytime, anywhere. Wouldn’t you like to know that there are better treatments, medications, or even a cure if someone you know gets a diagnose? You can help today.


Don’t leave it for later, you might forget. Do it now! And like always, please help us out spreading the word. Send this link to all your facebook friends and copy-paste it on an email and send it to all your contacts. Trust me, you never know who might be committed to the cause or interested in supporting it.


Luije Padrón
Cause Creator

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