promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people- and their meaningful participation

CHOICE for youth and sexuality foundation is a youth organisation based in the Netherlands that promotes sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people, both on national and international level.

This might sound very formal, but what it comes down to is that we fight for all the rights that are connected to sexuality and reproduction. “Sexual and reproductive rights and health” include all means, services, care and information that young people need to make free and responsible decisions about their sexuality and the number and spacing of their children.

For instance, young people have the right to receive comprehensive education on safe sex, so they know how they can protect themselves against sexual transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Young people must have access to contraceptives and must be able to use them if they want to. Young people should also be free to choose their own partner.

We are fighting for these rights by providing workshops and training on these topics to young people and policy makers, we participate in international conferences and we network with other young people and youth organisations which are also active in this field.

Further more, we conduct trainings to local youth organisation in developing countries. We support youth groups in Nepal, South Africa and Pakistan.

CHOICE was established by the World Population Foundation under the name of Raad Jongeren en Bevolking in 1997. We have changed our name to CHOICE for youth and sexuality in 2003. We have become a foundation (Dutch Chamber of Commerce 32108345) in April 2005. All our board members, volunteers and staf members are young people aged between 15 and 28.

1. Right to express and enjoy one’s sexuality

2. Right to health care

3. Right to be free from sexual violence

4. Right to information

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